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Confession: I love Crêpes!

crepe_regularI just realized while looking at some of my work that I am absolutely in love with crêpes. There is something tremendously fun about applying batter onto an evenly heated cast iron crêpe maker and forming a 15″ disk using only a wooden rake.

Even more satisfying is the ability to create dishes using crêpes as a base.  Imagine the batters you can create when there are no rules to follow.  If someone would ask me to write 100 different crepe recipes, I would say, no problem – give me two hours.  I have over the years created hundreds of dishes featuring savory, sweet and gluten-free crêpes.

Just last week I featured a buckwheat crêpe filled with lobster, blood orange, bacon, frisee and avocado.  Just look at these ingredients!  Don’t they get you going?  Wouldn’t you like one, like right now?  See, this is what I am talking about!  I always crave crêpes!  They are a simple, fast and light food that anyone can enjoy morning, day or night.

This week on our menu you will find a crepe filled with scrambled eggs, bacon and a peekytoe crab salad!  Oh my, there is that feeling again. Yum, Yum.

While I realize that buying a heavy duty commercial crepe maker for your home is impractical, you could potentially opt for one under $100 here.  There are many basic crêpe recipes out there and discovering which one works for you is all part of the fun.  Whenever you find the one that works, start altering the recipe. For example cut some of the sugar and add some salt, replace half the ap flour with buckwheat flour, add some fresh herbs or blanched spinach.  There are a lot of options that will allow you to make fantastic breakfasts, lunches and dinners.


Spinach – Crêpe

I love apple pie, however I love an apple pie crepe even more. It takes less time to make, its more creative, and best of all it has less calories. At the restaurant, we peeled & sliced some apples and blanched them in apple juice with a vanilla bean, cinnamon stick and some lemon peel. We finished the filling with a dash of salt and some corn starch. To make this dish really special, we made some streusel as well (3 parts flour, 2 parts butter, 1 part sugar) and added whipped cream, of course.  And to make it unforgettable, we simply added some vanilla ice cream – which then melted right away creating a delicious sauce 😋.


The Epic – Apple Pie Crêpe!

If you share this love for crêpes please engage!

Sincerely Yours,

Chef Torsten


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