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Boulangerie in France

Chocolate & Plain Croissants.

Nobody would ever come to Northeast Ohio and expect to get a decent croissant (or any other Viennese pastry for that matter) – after all, this area isn’t exactly a culinary mecca. However, we at The Blue Door, have become masters of our craft because a very loyal local following has allowed us to practice and keep doing what we love!  We promise that if you taste our croissant, you will want to bust out your accordion and put on your red beret.

Welcome To The Blue Door Cafe & Bakery!

Under the leadership of Michael Bruno, a  former Marine infantry officer, the Blue Door bakery has evolved into what is arguably, the best and well known bakery in northeast Ohio.

We bake many different Viennese pastries and breads, however over the years our customers have most certainly pointed us in one direction, namely the simple but elegant croissant. Baking croissant is truly a labor of love, and we literally get better every day.

Our croissant start out with a fine yeast dough – made using artisan European flour, cane sugar, whole milk, fresh yeast and authentic French butter. There are many more aspects to producing this pastry than just the ingredients (skill, creativity, love, and the desire to do your best every day).  And the combination of all of the above make our croissant into something to be remembered and savored.

When we prepare our croissant, we always begin with a cold, flat peace of yeast dough and a slightly warmer, flat sheet of butter. We work the butter into the base dough and then fold 3 consecutive times. In between we may dust with a bit of flour, run it through a dough sheeter (kind of like a big pasta roller), trim the edges, and of course worry that our butter does not melt. After an agonizing 20 minutes we have a flat piece of dough that contains 27 layers of butter.

Oops, and now most of you are falling out of your chair because you heard the word butter! In reality, butter is not the enemy of our health, and in fact butter is good. Why is it good? Because butter from grass-fed cows contains fatty acids that the human body needs and this country actually started to experience a problem with weight when everyone stopped eating butter. Butter has one ingredient!  Your butter substitute probably has five – some of which we don’t even know how to pronounce! But anyway on your next vacation to France you can walk around and observe all the fat French people  – who eat a lot croissants … lol!

Here is a brief video on how we prepare each one:

Even though anyone can attempt to bake a croissant – not many will succeed. We have come to realize over the years that following a recipe simply does not guarantee success. There are far too many little steps that can go totally wrong and which require the utmost experience and discipline! If croissant don’t rise long enough and at the correct temperature, they will collapse while baking.  If croissant are too warm before they bake the butter will simply run out and you will find your croissant melting away. Even though the process is relatively simple and repetitive, it requires attention to detail and perseverance. After 7 years of baking these marvelous rolls, we are still dealing with problems of efficiency, speed and consistency. Thats right, we still have bad days! And our commanding officer has been known to throw out an entire day of baking simply because he felt the pastry was not up to his standards. Nevertheless, chances are, if you decided to stop by for a fresh croissant, we will have it.


Morning Bake

I really like working with and eating 😳 croissants. In fact, starting the work day with a crispy, flaky and tasty croissant is about as good as it gets! Croissant make a great base for a tasty sandwich, they can be filled with pretty much anything, and most of all they are unique. They work sweet or savory, hot or cold, big or small, and yes even as a french toast.

To summarize this post: who has the best Croissants in Northeast Ohio?  Well, we humbly believe that it is The Blue Door Cafe & Bakery. Why don’t you come in and judge for yourself!

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