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All About Kohlrabi

This is a vegan dish that I created based on Kohlrabi – one of my favorite vegetables when I grew up. Kohlrabi is a crossbreed of cabbage and radish and the resulting dish is perhaps one of the better dishes I have developed in recent years.  To create interesting and satisfying vegan dishes  is quite a challenge!  I believe that this dish is a pleasure to eat – with plenty of crunch, spiciness and flavor.

Purple kohlrabi

Whole Kohlrabi

When I was young we would eat a lot of raw cut vegetables for dinner where kohlrabi played a major roll – among cucumbers, radishes & tomatoes.  Kohlrabi is awesome and comes in both green or purple varieties.  Both vegetables taste and look the same once peeled.  Although it is not the easiest vegetable to prepare, I really love Kohlrabi.  For this dish I combined three components – each with different preparations.

The components of the Kohlrabi

Braised discs: we peel & trim (keep trims) the kohlrabi and slice 1/4″ thick slices and braised them in a vegetables stock until tender. Ribbons: we peel & trim a whole kohlrabi and produce ribbons using a ribbon maker. We than create a pickling liquid (2 parts water, 1 part vinegar, 1 part sugar, pinch of salt, garlic, chili, coriander seeds, ginger) we submerge the ribbons for about 2 hours. Puree: we take all the trimmed pieces of kohlrabi and boil them with a bit of water, coconut milk, green curry. When the trimmings are nice and soft we puree everything nice and smooth. Season with salt, pepper and lime juice.


Vegan Kohlrabi with curry, potato chip & sushi rice. Photographed by Chef Torsten

I really like sushi rice (short grain rice & seasoned vinegar) which works great with this dish. The rice is basically washed, soaked and cooked as a ratio (per Nobu Yuki Matsuhisa – I worked for Nobu 2000 – 2002) 1440g rice & 1440g water works great. The rice vinegar is heated with konbu, salt, sugar and mirin. The vinegar is applied right after cooking.

As for a crunchy element a simple baked potato chip works great. We also love microgreens and opted for some micro purple kohlrabi as an additional garnish. I would really love to hear about your experience with kohlrabi and what dishes you have created.

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