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Peach Pie Crepe – Really ?


Peach season is here!  The first dish that I wanted to do was a peach pie crepe, because I love peaches and have a passion for crepes.  If you have one of these for breakfast, lunch, or really whenever, you will find yourself indulging in mother nature’s ultimate fragrant fruit – in the land of milk and honey.  Life is good when you give up and surrender to warm peaches, soft crepes and chilled vanilla ice cream.

What makes this dish so awesomely tasty?  It starts with honest ingredients that we source locally.  The eggs and the peaches are grown here in Ohio by the good people of Bauman Farms. Harold. the owner, faithfully delivers fresh farm eggs, apples and peaches, year after year, twice a week, early in the morning.  Also contributing to the awesomeness of this dish is creativity, skill and the pure love of cooking.

Bauman Farms peaches are some of the best peaches I have ever had in the USA.

The Peaches


After carefully inspecting the peaches, confirming ripeness, and taking a deep sniff we wash them gently and split them in half.  We remove the stone and slice the peach in bite sized chunks.  Like all good things, start with a light simple syrup.  I like mine 2 to 1 which means 2 parts water and 1 part sugar.  We bring that to a boil and add a couple Madagascar vanilla beans (sliced and scraped), a slice of fresh ginger, and a pinch of salt.  The syrup is already smelling awesome and we confirm this by giving it a quick taste with a spoon.  Once satisfied, we add the peaches and simmer for about 30 minutes under periodic stirring using a wooden spoon.  We give it another taste and proceed to the last step – thickening.  There are several options but I like a simple one using corn starch.  Why?  Because it is indeed so simple and good!  Let’s find some white wine and mix it with corn starch – using a bowl and whisk.  We slowly stir that mixture into the boiling peaches until we get our desired thickness.  We now cool the entire creation, arm ourselves with large spoons, and go to town!

The Crepe

Our crepes are awesome of course and why wouldn’t they be?  I am a Michelin chef in Ohio (which really only means that I have skills and got recognized for it), making crepes for you!  It does not get any better any where, and if you don’t believe me, come on over and have a crepe! We use an authentic French crepe maker with a solid, evenly heated, cast iron top, wooden spatula and a simple recipe.  We can make a fresh crepe in less than 40 seconds!  We are skilled, motivated and eager to serve the best.

The Crumble

The crumble really only serves one purpose – the crunch factor.  Because most dishes are simply better when they have an element of crunchiness!  Our crumble starts with organic, local oats, butter, cinnamon and sugar – mixed together and baked to a crisp topping that will leave you asking for a bag to go.  We actually do sometimes sell it.  You can easily create a crumble yourself around a lot of different themes of food and flavors.  Stick with organic oats or simply use a 3-2-1 ratio – three parts organic flour, two parts butter from grass fed cows (its actually a deep yellow color) and one part sugar.

The Ice Cream

Vanilla ice cream that is.  Why would we put chilly vanilla ice cream on a hot crepe?  The real question here is, why wouldn’t we?  This hot and cold concept is something I was introduced to back in … oh lets just say when I was really young.  As a child, my favorite desert was vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries.  An unbelievable experience every time!  We opt to use Mitchell’s ice cream – a Cleveland company.  Although I have been making ice creams all my life, it does take a quality machine to do this – and since we are not an ice cream parlor we don’t need to spend $30K on such device.  Mitchell’s is a quality product and works just fine!


So lets put all of these beautiful ingredients together and create memories!  First we make a fresh crepe. We fill the crepe with slightly warmed fresh peach filling and fold this into a pocket.  We set that pocket onto a plate and top it with some more peaches!  Then we sprinkle warm crumble over the top and a quick shake of powdered sugar.  Ice cream comes last!  Enjoy!  We invite you to come by and indulge in this incredible seasonal creation, share your thoughts and tell your friends.

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